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We encase a suite of services in different packages, according to your budget and preferences. We also create customized SEO packages based on the requirements of your business and its respective interests. Whether your company is small or large, you’ll always find us catering to your personalized requests.

Want to know what more can we offer? We forge no contract/commitment on SEO packages if you don’t wish to have it and want an obligation-free option to upgrade/downgrade or terminate our services any moment you want. Check out the following range of affordable SEO packages and choose the suitable one for you.


$199 / Per month

  • 10 Keywords
  • 8 Web Pages
  • 100 Back Links
  • 80 Man Hours
  • Client Report


$549 / Per month

  • 30 Keywords
  • 15 Web Pages
  • 275 Back Links
  • 200 Man Hours
  • Client Report