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“TARGET RENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TRMS)”, which comes with fully loaded functionality for the property/building owners who are facing difficulties to organize rental properties portfolio, track renters and Payments. TRMS is a cost effective, powerful, flexible application designed and developed for property owners and Landlords to organize and manage their property, tracking tenant information, managing agreement documentations, monitoring occupation and renewal status, handling all accounting and billing needs, TDS and Service Tax filings etc.,

TRMS Application Functionality.

  1. Unlimited Property, Shop Area calculation and management,
  2. Property Owners/Partners and Tenant information management,
  3. Upload and Downloading agreement and supporting documents,
  4. Rent Roll, Advance/Security Deposit, Rental/Lease Payments,
  5. Vacancy, renewal and Occupation Status information,
  6. Maintenance, Expenditure and Record Keeping,
  7. Financial Accounting and Various MIS Reports,
  8. Property Owners/Partners wise share details.
  9. Property, Owner/Partner wise TDS & Service Tax Management, 10.Central/State Govt. approved Auto-generated Tax Challan. 11.Email and SMS Alert System.
  10. Web based Occupation Status, Rental and Payment Information. 13. Property Owners/Partners wise share details, TDS & Service Tax reports, And Various MIS reports that can be viewed globally through INTERNET.