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Most Owners / CEOs of Trading companies face following challenges:

  • Improving Staff Productivity & Reducing Operational Cost
  • Error Free Quotations & Billing to Avoid Duplication
  • Low Visibility & Lack of Internal Collaboration across system
  • Follow Real Time Dynamic Pricing
  • Unable to track customer wise Sales and Profitability
  • Unable to track Real Time Payable & Receivable Updates
  • More Dependency on Operator (Employee) and Operation

TOMS is inbuilt Solution to address the above issue

For instance:

  • A Single Platform for the company with a common system
  • Sales Booking & Documentation time reduction has saved 30% of the cost for our clients over a period of 12 months or less
  • Contract and Billing enables track and trace across the company
  • Outstanding (AR) Reduced by 30% through Automation
  • Suppliers & Customer Profitability Analysis, addressing complex billing requirements (many SKUs in single Invoice)
  • Improve on Execution of Dynamic Pricing module
  • Increased Staff Capacity Utilization
  • Visibility of Purchase & Sales have Increased 20% Profitability

A Unique feature for TOMS

  • Make Order Management effortless.
  • Stay in control of your Inventory.
  • Create custom Order Reports and Charts.
  • Automate Inventory and Order updates.
  • Automate Day End email on Purchase & Sales update
  • Automate Day End email on Payable and Receivable accounts
  • Automate Day End email on Profit & Loss update
  • Install the application, Customize it to efficiently manage your business

TOMS Module

Were specifically crafted to serve the need of varied users. We are happy to claim we very well achieved it.