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“TARGET COURIER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TCMS)”, which comes with fully loaded functionality for the Courier services companies who are facing difficulties to manage shipper liner, customer wise pricing, daily bookings, country/zone management, fuel, remote area and ESS charges management, invoicing, payment receipt and tracking of outstanding payment, debit reports etc.,

TCMS is a cost effective, powerful, flexible application designed and developed for courier services companies to ease their marketing and spot preparation of quotation, Web based monitoring of bookings and outstanding etc.,

TCMS Application Functionality

  1. Unlimited Companies management in one software,
  2. Shipper Liner, Customers and sales executive information management,
  3. Country and Zone management,Source, Package, Fuel, ESS, Remote area charges and TAX management,
  4. Easy preparation of Shipper Liner Price and importing from Excel Sheet,
  5. Easy preparation of individual customer price with profit percentage based on Source, Package, Zone and weight ranges like fixed price, multipliers etc.,
  6. One click Customer quotation preparation in Ms-Excel sheets,
  7. Managing daily Booking order and approvals of Booking.
  8. Preparation of Service Bill (Invoice) of customers with multiple shipper liners,
  9. Various MIS Reports like Invoice Register, Daily/weekly bookings register, Payment receipt, Payment Outstanding, Debit notes report, Customer’s Statement of Account etc.,
  10. Daily, Weekly Booking order, shipper price and customer price view.
  11. Outstanding Email Alert System, Data Backup and utilities.

TcMS Special Features

  1. Auto-generated Email Alerts To Collect Payments: An auto-generated email with maximum of 4 times a month, with complete Statement of Account can be sent to customers whose payment is pending exceeding the credit days.
  2. Outstanding Payment Alert System: Creating the Delivery Challan and Invoice, the system highlights the due amount of the customer, which may cross the credit limit of the customer. This facilitates the supplier to alert the customer on the payment and to follow up the balance payment.
  3. Avoiding Pre-Quote Mistakes: While preparing the DC or Invoice, the system lists out the four previous billed prices of the same item. This helps quoting Correct Price.
  4. Tracking of Customers Order Performance: System generated MIS report shows the month-wise order performance of each and every customer, on reviewing we can track and analyze the customer’s order placement, We can analyze monthly reports, whether the customer placed all the orders with us or diverted orders to other suppliers.
  5. Parameter Control and Auto-Backup of Database etc.,