TARGET ERP eases your operations and helps you get a 360 degree view of your business.

TARGET is a suite of application software designed for the Apparel industry. If you are a manufacturer of Apparel, Leather then TARGET facilitates you to save costs, Eliminate errors and stay ahead of your competition.

TARGET is a seamlessly integrated enterprise solution that provides strategic advantages across An organization. This is a fully integrated business application of Financial Accounting. Material Management, Sales Order Processing. Purchase, Production, Production Planning, Production, Human Resource Management, Payroll, and costing. All these integrated pieces work together Streamline business processes, maximize efficiency and ensure the decision driving information is Accurate and complete

TARGET integrated data model improves analysis and planning capabilities of an organization. The direct benefits of enterprise solution are reduction of inventory, improved resource utility, faster Response time to customer queries and customer satisfaction, improved supplier performance, and Improved Information Accuracy and decision-making capability.

Features & Benefits

ERP designed exclusively for

  • Apparel Industry
  • Multi-Company, Multi site or location features
  • Manage entire process chain From Inquiry to Shipment
  • Project and Monitor sourcing
  • Track Raw materials availability automatically
  • Reliable technology platform that supports a high volume of transactions
  • Modular functions for need based implementation
  • Web Enabled and provides Remote Access user‟s and factories are interlinked User friendly interface

Key Benefits

  • Increase operational efficiencies, maximize cash flow & ROI
  • Reduce order-cycle times
  • Always maintain inventories at proper levels.
  • Reduce wastage of Fabric & Accessories
  • Make quick business decisions using real-time information
  • Automate routine processes
  • Manage in-house and Job work production
  • React to changing business needs swiftly
  • Built by experts in Fashion business
  • Low cost of ownership
  • TARGET -> Customized Solution