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ERP for Garment Industry:

ERP for Garment Manufacturing and Exporting Companies Increases Operational Proficiency, Maximizes Cash Flow & Return on Investment (ROI)

ERP, literary refers to Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is an industry term; a software planning and managing multifaceted business activities of an organization. ERP emerged meeting the need of the industry targeting smarter way of working and reducing data redundancy. This system is integrated with a relational database system that supports a manufacturer in product planning, parts of purchase, interacting with suppliers, maintain inventories, providing customer service, and tracking import and export reports.

The page provides you an overview of ERP for Garment Industry. ERP has been with Garment Industry for quite a long time. Garment Industry is one of the most dynamic and crucial industry across the world. Operations in this industry ranges from procurement of raw material, manufacturing and designing garments to exporting garments and use of the products, every operation is greatly affected by seasonality, fluctuation of market demand, global issues, operating costs, changing weather and climatic conditions.

Thus, to have a strategic journey into the garment business you have to implement an effective ERP system to meet the challenges of the garment industry.

Why ERP in Garment Industry?

  • One system manages multiple requirements
  • All the data are integrated in smart dashboard
  • Availability of data in a systematic and presentable manner
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Boost Productivity
  • Enriches your business plan and management
  • Need for cost control
  • Need for utilizing the Enterprise-wide resources to the maximum

Basic Components of EPR for Garment Industry

  • Garment Production Planning
  • Garment Production Management
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Material Management
  • Costing
  • Quality Management
  • Finance and Controlling
  • HR / Payroll

Cloud Base Garment Manufacturing Software always provides an opportunity to edge over the competitors as all the users can manage its work from anywhere without any territorial constraint. Cloud ERP Software for Garment Industry are loaded with unique features which is customizable and scalable as per the needs of the Garment Industry and its customers.

List of Best ERP Software for Garment/ Textile Business:

Oracle NetSuite ERP
Tally.ERP 9
Expand smERP
Horizon ERP
Focus X
Marg ERP 9+Software
BatchMaster ERP
Ramco ERP
Uprow ERP
LOGIC Enterprise
Schoolknot …

ERP for Garment Import & Export

Garment Industry imports & exports its products to a larger extend and to multiple companies. Thus, to deal with the ever-competitive industry and guide your path towards your target business scenario, it’s wise to amplify your business with advanced ERP system.

Common Features of ERP, Assisting Garment Importers & Exporters

  • User-Friendly Executive Dashboard
  • Multi- Company, Multi Lactation Features
  • Track the Availability of Raw Materials
  • Supports a Huge Volume of Transaction
  • Monitor and Project Sources
  • Combine Multiple Reports from Different Modules
  • Critical Business Alert
  • Protect Integrity of the data
  • Easy to import and export the data
  • Assist to E-mail reports and documents
  • Provides Customized Solution

ERP for Garment Buying Houses

ERP offers an integrated and customized web-based platform to Garment Buying Houses to contact their buyers, factories, couriers and shipment companies.

ERP facilities Garment Buying Houses with

  • Tracking the status of all activities with a click of our mouse.
  • Planning time and action
  • working on business target client wise
  • deciding a range plan product wise
  • design and sampling tracking
  • compliance
  • product costing & style
  • Buyer order processing & tracking
  • Vendor order processing & tracking
  • Buyer order & shipment tracking
  • Pre and post shipment Documentation
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Logistics

If you are interested to implement ERP for your garment business, you can contact us to get proper guidance into ERP, satisfactory to the need of your business.