How to Remove Duplicate Content from Google Index

How to Remove Duplicate Content from Google Index

How to remove duplicate content from Google index? Well, this is a very good question to discuss. Google’s duplicate content can be punishing to web owners and is a serious issue. There are many online businesses that understand these priorities and run the site accordingly, but there are many who are not sure about duplicate content effects.

Understand & Implement Google’s Rule

For a website owner it is sadistic to find that their SR has got down and they are being removed from Google index. For this you need to understand and implement Google’s rule and follow all types of Google’s policies. It is quite reasonable that search engine punishing sites for using duplicate content, as it wants web users to get correct information on the web, rather than duplicate information.

A new type of patent is created by Google known as “fingerprinting” and it blocks duplicate content on other sites. Google takes fingerprint of the site and later it compares with other site, if sites are found it decrease the value of sites that having copied contents. At present, you can get thousands of sites in the internet with duplicate content and they are penalized for it.

If your website pages are similar with same type of content, you should make aware good about this. Google has a special preference for this and it is known as canonicalization. There are many search engine optimization professionals who try to deceit Google by implementing duplicate content to their website or by following black hat techniques.

Unique Methods to Follow

Google likes to offer best experience to their web user by providing different search result. A website can penalized if it is used for website ranking and trick online users. Hence, you don’t have to be tricky and your website should be Google indexed. Website owners who feel their site have duplicated content can follow some methods to tackle duplicate content problem:

  • Know the content management system
  • Adopt 301 redirects
  • Steady with internal linking
  • Top domain should be used
  • Organize carefully
  • Make Google aware about your site by using Webmaster Tools
  • Reduce boilerplate repetition
  • Shun placeholder pages

The Genuine Topic with Duplicate Content

Syndication is another method in which total site is copied to another website. Many people think that this is a good way to drag more online readers. However, Google knows about this and will show the site that is more correct and good for web user. Google ranks websites that have quality website content, indexed pages, traffic and enough backlinks. So, you have to be very careful while putting or editing content in your website or else your site won’t appear top in first page of Google. Finally, to bring Google indexing you have to remove duplicate contents and start uploading fresh and quality contents. You can take help from a search engine optimization company or an expert professional to remove duplicate content issue. It is tough to make Google fool. Therefore, evade using duplicate content and be wise on content syndication.

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