How to Recover from the Google Panda Update

If you are still thinking how to recover from Google Panda update, then you need to change your search engine optimization strategies, and techniques. The most important thing is to plan out everything correctly, to get back on the road to success. Google Panda update is an algorithm that penalizes sites that use pointless search engine optimization methods. In terms of quality, Panda works best for search engines, but many internet experts feel scare about this update.

In this article you will get some best tips to recover from the Google Panda update. The first thing that you need to know is that this update is a domain penalty. If your website content is not good, then your total domain will be penalized. The best way to recover from Panda is by removing low quality content and adding unique one. In order to get good amount of traffic to your site or blog, you need to add fresh and unique contents.

On content and on site level are the two necessary steps that you need to adopt to get free from Panda. Blog optimization will definitely help you in every way possible, as mentioned by Google Team. There are many websites in the World Wide Web, done by following Black Hat SEO. This is a serious issue for both the online audiences and website holder. You need to avoid black hat search engine optimization and target more on unique content.

Let’s understand about Google Panda recover and the type of website going to have an effect on.

  • Site with low content quality
  • Site that works as content farm\
  • A site with ineffective page
  • A site with low grade search engine optimization
  • Duplicate content
  • Lots o advertisement
  • Grammar proofing
  • Site loading time is very slow

Some of the major factors that you all should know about Google Panda are:

  • It is known as domain level penalty
  • Domain ranking falls down due to low quality postings.
  • Low quality site’s content goes down.
  • On site search engine optimization becomes necessary
  • Niche sites are improved than generic sites

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to let you know whether your site is affected with Penguin and Panda update. By this tool you can know about the Panda hit to your site. Always check your keywords that have good amount of search volume. Check out crawl path and side structure; if your website has broken links and error, fix it as soon as possible.

Carefully edit website and make it free from duplicate content. Avoid stuffing keywords and consider best quality back-links. After your site gets recover, you can start your own network with the help of different social media sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. Now creating a brand awareness and advertising is not a hard task, you can recover from google panda by joining social media platforms. Definitely, these tips will solve many problems of yours and make your site top on major search engine result pages.

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