Corona Virus

Covid 19 Can’t Stop your Online Branding Success

After the outburst of COVID 19, the whole world gets stranded hampering millions of lives, global economic downfall, and shattered both urban and rural human lives. More than 200 countries and territories are affected by Novel Coronavirus which sprouted from Wuhan, China. This pandemic has brought more than 859, 300 cases and deaths of 42,344. This death scale is increasing at a very high pace every minute.

It is unpredictable how many people are going to get infected, but it rooted the ruin of the stock market. This makes very evident that both new and existing business and online marketer will get a serious knockdown.

Hence, let me make it clear to you what digital marketers should evade.

Don’t Panic

The worst scenario you will glance at is people are getting panic. There are scarcities of hand wash gel, masks and other daily necessities. Many internet marketers are taking this pandemic a great opportunity by selling different products at a high rate on different eCommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, and others. Hence, this should not be done; quick buck will surely tear up your brand value. Quick buck sucks!

Businesses won’t struggle much for a long time

Businesses will struggle for a year to adjust their losses. There are big brands that are quite competent to help their employees to stay strong during temporary shutdown and lockdown; however, small firms will struggle to keep up with the face due to less bank balance. From research, it has been found that $2.7 trillion will cost the worldwide economy. There is a chance that online businesses will lose conversions and traffic.

Low Graph in Organic traffic

Businesses that are targeting the online market will see a downfall in organic traffic. Being an SEO and digital marketing firm, we analyzed to check the traffic status of a few leading businesses in the world. We were surprised to see a heavy slide in the traffic and ROI in most businesses.

We did a comparison from the previous week’s data to the present one; the result was critical and hard to believe.

A Ray of Hope

We know this pandemic won’t last long in front of human abilities; however, it will take time for the market to see growth. But the future is bright for every business. The SEO and digital marketing industry will see growth and many companies will be looking to hire the service.

But for the present scenario, everyone mustn’t socialize. Stay at your home and listen to what the government says. Follow all the health and hygiene methods to keep yourself clean. 

For the time being, try not to socialize with others too much or go into crowded places. As per the marketing perspective, this is the perfect time to double up. You need to be greedy when others are apprehensive.

If you are already doing SEO or digital marketing campaign for your business, don’t pause it, as success will come all the way.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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